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Please Note: We are not responsible for content of any sites linked here and while we strive to make sure these sites are sound, we do not control the content therefore can not guarantee that everything is sound.



Here you will find links to sites and churches of like faith:

Five Guys and a Bible Youtube Channel

We are five pastor-teachers who like to get together and talk about real issues that real people have questions about and see what the word of God says. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, but always done in love- even when we disagree! Why not dig into the word with us? If you like what you see, don't forget to subscribe.


Sovereign Grace Baptist Church - Northport, AL:


Facebook Page

Mission Work - Hightogy Baptist Fellowship

Answers in Genesis

Blog of Dr. Ron Wolfe - Pastor of First Baptist Church of Harrison, Ohio, and instructor at Antioch Baptist College, Cincinnati, Ohio

Sovereign Grace Baptist Forum

Rolling Hills Baptist - Nancy, KY

Berea Baptist Church - Mantachie, MS

Philadelphia Baptist Church - Decatur, AL

A Systematic Study of Bible Doctrines by T.P. Simmons


We currently have services on two local radio stations. Here are links to their homepages:


Our Show Schedule


Note: Our Show airs Saturday Mornings at 8:00 AM


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