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Remember the Eiffel Tower

Most of you all know that my wife and I recently returned from vacationing in France. My wife had been studying there in the month of July and I joined her at the end of her studies to visit some of the country. I have to say I was impressed at how lovely and quaint the streets were scattered with little cafes and shops of all sorts.
One of the highlights of the trip was visiting Paris. We visited the Louvre Museum and got to look at things that dated back to the time of Jesus and even things that dated back to the time of Moses. I was really in awe. However, no trip to Paris would be complete without a trip to its most famous landmark the Eiffel Tower.
I didn’t know what to expect when we got there. There are two main ways up the tower. To the left there was an elevator and a line. That is where we stood at first. We kept hearing rumors of a two to three hour wait. After traveling for most of the day and a lot of walking it just didn’t sound appealing to wait. We thought we might just look around at the souvenir shops and leave. Yet we looked to the right and there was the entry to the stairs. This line was considerably shorter. So we asked ourselves the question is it worth the hike to go to the top?
I have a patient who told me of his similar story while he was visiting France. He said he and his friends had traveled all day and got to the tower and thought no it isn’t worth the time and effort and left. Many years have now passed in his life. Kids were born. Kids have grown up. Grandchildren have come. One story has become prominent though in his home. He calls it “Remember the Eiffel Tower”. It is the story of the day he didn’t take the time to go to the top of the tower looking back with the realization that he will probably never be there again. It is his story to motivate his family to seize the day.
My wife and I decided to take the stairs and even me, who is scared of heights, was glad to see the 45 mile view at sunset from the very top. I’m glad that despite our tiredness we seized the day.
As we go through this life there are many times in our Christian life that we feel tired and worn out. We think I really don’t feel like getting out and knocking on doors and telling people about Christ or inviting others to church. We think to ourselves we really don’t have the time to invest in this project at church or a mission work. I could say “Remember the Eiffel Tower”, but it would be far better to say, “Remember the Cross”.
As sure as each of us are living today there will also be a day of departing from this world and this life. Those who are saved will someday all stand before the Lord at the Judgment Seat of Christ. There we will be judged for our works for the Lord. We are going to be judged on the times we seized the day, seized the opportunities we are presented with, and the times we just said no it isn’t worth my time (1 Corinthians 3: 12-15). Scripture says that our works we have done for the Lord will shine like gold, silver, and precious stones, but the times we gave into the flesh are going to be burnt away like wood, hay, and stubble.
My sincere prayer for you today is that you Christian friend might seize the day. My prayer is that in your household it might become a phrase when you are weary and you don’t feel like making the drive to church or whatever it might be for the work of the Lord, that you might “Remember the Cross”. We only have so much time to give to him and he already has given everything to us.

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